New Song: “Longing”


Hey there, Vineyard family!  It’s time to introduce our June worship tune!

“Longing”, written by Vineyard worship leader Tim Brown, is filled with prayer after prayer for the presence of God.  The song leads us through some fantastic reminders of our crucial need to want God more and more.  We are transformed by the changing of our deepest longings, as the King becomes the desire of our hearts.  And so we pray these words from a verse and chorus of this beautiful song:

“You are worthy of my focus
You are worthy of my offering
You remain my one devotion
For You are good and faithful to redeem
As I stand in awe and reverence
You reveal to me Your true and perfect heart
So I draw into Your presence
For there’s nothing else that I could want
Lord I’m calling

All I want is more of You
All that I need is in Your presence
I’m longing, longing to be with You”

Both in corporate worship time together and in your private times of praise and prayer, we hope that “Longing” will become a helpful and life-giving part of your adoration vocabulary.

As God’s church, let us pray these words over and over:

“I’m after Your heart, seeking Your refuge
Take me where You are
All of my hope, all of my being
Belongs to You”

Listen to the song below:

Charts available on Planning Center

New Song / Devo: “Since Your Love”



Hello Church family!!!

This month our new song might not seem so new to you, especially if you’ve been around House Worship or the Youth ministry. Throughout March, we will be singing “Since Your Love” by United Pursuit.

I have a lot of excitement for this song to be sung on Sunday mornings. There is a lot of truth woven throughout this song, but I keep coming back to the chorus:

I was made by You
I was made for you
I am unfulfilled without full communion

Every Sunday as we worship our Lord, we take time in our service to prepare our hearts for communion. We ask for forgiveness for when we try to do life alone. At a bible study, I once heard that sin in our lives takes place when we arrange for life to happen without God. But we were made for God, to live in response to his loving pursuit. Every Sunday, in remembrance of the Cross, we take communion. We look to Jesus and what He has done for us, dying on the Cross, paying the debt of sin so that we are made clean…. so that we can be in communion with our Heavenly Father.

There is forgiveness. There is grace that accepts us even after we arrange for life to happen without God. There is a gift of a new life in communion with God our Father, Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit! There is love, endless love. Once we come to know this love, our lives will never be the same again.

Reflect on these lyrics and on your walk with God.

You are the light
Song of my life
You always lead me
You are the voice inside

You are my love
No one before you
All that I am
Points to You

I was made by you
I was made for you
I am unfulfilled without full communion

Since your love got a hold of me
Since your love got a hold of me
I’m a new creation
I’m forever changed

I was made by you
I was made for you
I am unfulfilled without full communion

In you, is all I need
You’re my breath, you’re my life, you’re my everything


Lord Jesus, we thank you. You loved us enough to die for us, to make a way for us to be with You and the Father. Lord we ask for the patience and discipline to abide with You. Help us live in Your love, for it has changed us forever. Continue to change us Lord, make us more like You! Lord, your love covers us, it breathes life into us, we only come alive when we are with You. In you, is all we need, You’re our breath, our life, our everything. Amen.

Chord Chart available on Planning Center

New Song & Devo: “Reconcile (God of Justice)”


Hey there, church family!

This month we’re going to be singing a new song called “Reconcile (God of Justice)”. The original tune was written by Kelsi Walker with some cowriting from Grady Milligan, both leaders in our church’s musical worship community.

Our Abba is a God full of overflowing love for the broken and the hurting. We pray that, as we lift our joined voices in prayer and song this month, our church would see and hear and feel the Lord’s heart. The voiceless, the forgotten, those trapped in darkness: our God commissions his Church to love and to lay down our lives for the least of these.

For today’s devotional prayer meditation, spend some time reading the lyrics of the new tune and praying through them:

“God of justice, break our hearts
May we know who the hurting are
Our brothers and sisters, bruised from the fight
Bring your hope God, reconcile… Lord reconcile

God of healing, mend our hearts
May we see who the broken are
Our brothers and sisters, we stand by their side
To bring your peace, God, and be reconciled

Oh God, you’ve come, you’ve given us
Your life, your hope, your freedom
So let us be your hands and feet
As here on earth, your kingdom comes

God of grace, fill our hearts
May we go where the lonely are
Let the words from our mouth and the thoughts on our mind
Reflect only you, Lord reconcile

The earth cries out for more
We cry out for more
Lord come….
May what’s broken be restored

Oh God, you’ve come, you’ve given us
Your life, your hope, your freedom
So let us be your hands and feet
As here on earth, your kingdom comes”


Who are the broken, the hurting, the lonely in your community, in your town? Ask the Lord and listen to what he might say.

Think on the times of struggle in your own life, whether physical, spiritual, or emotional. When have you been the broken or the hurting? How did the Lord minister to you in those times? How can you be the hands and feet of Christ in the same ways for others?

New Song: “Abba”


Happy October, Vineyard Church family!

We’re really stoked about this month’s new worship song, “Abba”

Written by Jonathan David & Melissa Helser, this tune helps us to speak one of the great wonders of our faith:  that God himself calls us his children!  We belong to him!  And not only do we belong, but we are surrounded by his presence in a way that is more real than the air in our lungs or the rocks we stand on.  God is near to his children.

Whether it’s for the first time or the 10,000th, we the church need to be reminded and to praise the Lord for the incredible gift of adoption into his family.  Who we used to be, all the names we labeled ourselves, they are all washed away and replaced by “Son” and “Daughter”.

So as we lift up worship to our Abba, our Father, let him speak to you about the transformation he has made in you and the new  robe and ring that he offers to all who come to him.

Chord charts available on Planning Center


New Song: “How Glorious You Are”


September is here, Vineyard fam!

This month’s new tune is really special to us, as the writers are some good friends from the local Vineyard region.  Mike O’Brien, AC Nelson, Dan Wilt & Lauren Kamal  bring us their song “How Glorious You Are”

One of the absolute best things about this worship jam is how focused it is on one thing:  tell Jesus how glorious he is!  All of the songs we sing give us words and prayers to lift to God, and some are very specific to certain struggles or situations (which we need).  And songs like “How Glorious You Are” serve the critical role of giving us the means to just say, “God you’re wonderful, God you’re salvation, God we’ll sing forever!”

Let this song lead us into focused times of unadulterated praise, thanksgiving, and exaltation.

Chord charts available on Planning Center


New Song: “Degree By Degree”


Our new song for August is another homegrown song called “Degree By Degree.” This song is an original written by me, Kelsi Walker, along with help from a group of our songwriters.

This song was inspired by 2 Corinthians 3:18:

And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.

We as believers trust that our God is loving and near, but sometimes circumstance can cause us to wonder if the Lord is present in our lives. But the scriptures say that from one degree of glory to the next, the Lord is making us more like Himself. Slowly, the Lord is restoring us and bringing us to back to life. In these times of confusion and questioning the Lord, we as His people can trust that He who began a good work in us will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. (Philippians 1:16) He is our redeemer and rescuer and comes for us still. And so we sing:

I wait on you, Lord.
You have not forgotten me, not forgotten me
I trust in you, Lord.
You’ll finish what you start in me, what you start in me

This song is a reminder that He is good and that he sees us. There is more glory still to come from knowing Him, the King of Kings, our shepherd, our father and our friend. We wait and believe that He is bringing us new mercies every day. When we cannot feel His presence, we wait and have faith that He is a God who loves us too much to leave us and that He is transforming our lives in the midst of our days.

We hope to record this one soon. In the meantime, worship team members can check out the chart & demo on Planning Center.

New Song: “Sing For Joy”


Hey Vineyard Church Family!  We’re so excited to share this new, original tune, “Sing For Joy.”  Written by Vineyard Church songwriters Adam Loo and Grady Milligan, “Sing For Joy” is a song full of celebration and thankfulness to the Lord. We hope that the tune will help turn your hearts towards the loving Father and the good things he has done. As you listen to or sing these lyrics, taken largely from the Psalms, the book of Isaiah, and the book of John, remember that Abba is faithful and cares deeply for his children.

We also hope that “Sing For Joy” helps to provide a safe place for celebration in worship time.  It’s such a wonderful, fun, and totally okay thing to have a super fun time when we praise our King!  Can’t wait to sing, shout, clap, and enjoy the Spirit’s joy with you all!

Chord charts are available on Planning Center in several keys (y en Español pronto)

New Song: Spirit Of The Living God


Hey there, Vineyard fam!  It’s new song time!

This month’s tune is “Spirit of The Living God” by Vertical Church Band.  The song turns our focus and invites the Holy Spirit to do what He wants.  As we’ve been meditating on the Spirit for our current sermon series, we want to sing these words to the Lord:

“Spirit of the Living God, we’re leaning in to all you are. Everything else can wait. Spirit of the Living God, come now and breath upon our hearts, come now and have your way.”

We believe the Lord is calling us to deeper and deeper trust in Him.  The Spirit wants to do so much with His people, and we hope this new tune can help give us words to continually surrender to His leading.

God, we sing to you, “cause when you speak and when you move, when you do what only you can do, it changes us. It changes what we see and what we seek.”

Seek after the Lord and His good gifts, church. We’ll see you in worship!

Chord charts available in Planning Center

New Song: The Real Thing


Today at the Maryville & Springbrook venues, we’re introducing a new song called “The Real Thing.” It’s another homegrown tune that Scott Flinchum brought to our songwriting retreat, and several folks collaborated to finish it with him.

We’ve been singing it at house worship and youth for a while now, and we’ve found that each section of the tune is simple, easy to learn & repeatable. You might find yourself singing along the first time through. And it’s perfectly suited for our desire to give a little space to our worship.

This desperate cry borrows themes from Ecclesiastes:

All my life is vapor. Your Word stands forever…

I’ve been chasing after wind. Your wind is chasing me.

And as the song progresses, we move from longing to declaring:

You are the real thing! The gospel breathing!

Men will lead this one in G or A, and women will be in D or E. Visit the song page on Planning Center for charts.


New Song: All Things Rise


He is Risen!  It’s Easter week, everybody!  We hope your hearts are filled with joy and delight in the Living God’s presence today.

We’ve been singing an absolutely brilliant worship tune for the last few weeks called “All Things Rise.”  Written by Sam Yoder of the Campbellsville Vineyard church, this song is full-to-overflowing with hope.  The lyrics call us to remember what Christ has done in victory and speak to our dependance on Christ to bring restoration.  Read these words from the final chorus of the tune and pray them over our town, families, and church.

“All things once sown in weakness, You raise in promise. Your beauty arches above it all.”

As Easter approaches, praise the Lord for resurrection life, pray for renewal in the brokenness around us, and listen to this fantastic song from our neighbors.  He is Risen!

Chord chart available in Planning Center.