Kids Worship Jam


Vineyard-Kids-Worship-JamOur first Kids Worship Jam was incredible! Seven members of our worship team spent a few hours teaching 20 kids from age five to 5th grade. We got to see them engage in worship as they stretched for new musical skill… I’m pretty sure the team got more out of it than the kids!

We spent the bulk of our time together working on the song “Holy Spirit” by Bryan & Katie Torwalt. Not only is this a favorite of our church, it’s also easy to play. There are only three chords, and in the key of D, they’re among the easiest chords to learn on guitar.

We only scratched the surface on Thursday, and we want the kids to continue, so we put together some resources to help them learn more. Download the PDF and check out the videos below:

Download PDF

“Holy Spirit” Piano Tutorial:

Guitar Tutorial For Key of D:

Other free resources to check out:

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