Cultivating Personal Green Space with Dan Wilt


I sat down with Dan Wilt last fall at the Vineyard Worship Leaders Retreat in Montreat, NC to record his thoughts for our worship team on the subject of “cultivating personal green space.” I’m privileged to count Dan as a friend, and he has been a tremendous help to me in this area. I’m really excited that you get to hear from him.

We live next to one of the greatest green spaces in the world. But can you imagine what would’ve happened to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park if it had never been intentionally guarded, conserved, and cultivated? It would be fully developed with cell towers, resorts, rental cabins, neon signs, and amusement parks. These are things we like and appreciate, but there’s a reason no one lives at Dollywood. The screams of the Wild Eagle make me even more grateful for the serene sound that can only be heard behind Grotto Falls.

This month, we’re focusing on our value of intimacy in worship, and green space is the starting point. There’s a richness and depth in Christ that’s only available when we intentionally define our personal green space, and then guard and cultivate it. Grab a notebook & take a few minutes to listen to Dan instruct us and give us loving nudges towards deeper spiritual formation.

Standout Moments:

  • 0:50 Life is made up of rhythms. The World runs on rhythms. There are cycles in creation that are equilibrium, tension and release.
  • 3:50 The challenge of the Christian life is how we manage our rhythms.
  • 4:35 We all know that life is lived in moments, it’s lived in hours. It’s lived in… the Daily Office hours.
  • 5:19 I believe the Lord wants us to be a people who’s sabbaths are not weekly. But who’s sabbaths are daily.
  • 6:30 The daily office was intended for us to look back on the last three hours and say, “Lord, I give you thanks for the last three hours. All that you were doing…” It’s like this catharsis, and you give it to the Lord. And then you look forward to the next three hours and you say, “Now in these next three hours, Lord, make me attentive to you… I welcome your Spirit to empower me to do this.”
  • 7:25 If you don’t have the rhythm, you won’t get thirsty. You’ll simply lap up when you need it, or what more happens is your body, and your mind, and everything else screams at you, “You NEED a sabbath!” after six months of too much stress and burnout. And then people take forced sabbaths because their body shut down on them or they started to loose their perspective, they get depressed… Now I’ve dealt with depression most of my life – severe depression. This has been a primary healing factor for me.
  • 8:28 Matt is super creepy.
  • 9:20 Any new habit is rocket science to break into… Because you’ve spent, and I’ve spent decades forming what we don’t know is an alternative habit, which is dismissal of those things.
  • 10:18 Don’t do this by chance. You don’t know what you don’t know. So rely on someone who knows.
  • 11:51 Don’t get discouraged. Everyone goes through this, I went through it. But it is a wall you have to punch through, and we need to pray for each other.

About Dan:

Dan Wilt, M.Min. is Director of Communications & Resources for Vineyard USA. He has served as senior pastor, worship leader, professor, and mentor to countless worship leaders in North America and beyond. Dan lives in Franklin, TN with his wife, Anita, and three amazing children – Anna, Abigail, and Benjamin. Dan also leads worship at the Vineyard Church of Franklin, TN.

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