Loving Others Well


Happy Thursday!  Welcome to this week’s worship team devotional.  Sam McGhee brings us a really insightful meditation from Romans 12, let’s jump in:


Love must be without hypocrisy. Abhor what is evil, cling to what is good. Be devoted to one another with mutual love, showing eagerness in honoring one another.
Romans 12:9-10 NET

This isn’t as much new information at it is a reminder. In the preceding verses Paul has encouraged his readers to use their gifts and use them well, as we are all gifted differently. But in verses 9-10, Paul focuses on love—a gift, attribute and expectation of every believer. As followers of Christ, our call is to love others as Christ has loved us. We are to love authentically (“without hypocrisy”), and to abhor what is evil and cling to what it good. Love sincerely, and choose good (even when it’s difficult). When it means helping the boss that makes your life harder, or that one family member who you don’t get along with. Authentic Christ-like love demands good. It doesn’t ignore the truth of a persons wrongs, sins, failures, or shortcomings, but it does mean responding to all those things with love.

Verse 10 tells us to be “devoted to one another with mutual love.” In last Sunday’s sermon Aaron talked about how being devoted to something means you have marked out a space for it. A great example is daily devotional reading. If you’ve marked out 30 minutes a day for studying scripture then that half hour is devoted solely to reading and nothing else. The same is true for our devotion to one another. We mark out specific space in our hearts and lives for one another. Space to love one another “with mutual love.” The Greek word used here is philadelphia or “brotherly love.” Paul is calling us to love authentically, choose good, love with devotion, and love like family.

Paul ends the verse by admonishing us to be eager to honor one another, or place a high value on others. That is something our team does well. The family atmosphere of our rehearsals and gatherings is a real blessing every time I am a part of one. So I would encourage us to keep it up and make it verbal! Tell someone what you appreciate about them, encourage them, and be specific. Part of choosing good, is calling out the good you see in others and building that up.

Lastly, loving others authentically and like family extends into many areas of our life. The challenge is to do this where we may not want to, or where we may feel uncomfortable. But this is where life will spring up, and others will encounter the love of Christ through you. One of best ways is to carry that “eagerness to honor one another” everywhere we go, is to lift others up—to tell them why we appreciate them, what they’ve done well, to thank them, to point out the good in them and build them up. You would be surprised how much light this will bring into a dark space.


  • How do you feel you about how you love others authentically and choose good? As you think about this question, is God bringing to mind any ways or specific relationships where you could do better at choosing good?
  • How can you devote yourself to brotherly love in your relationships? Do you make space in your heart and life to love others? How could you do this better?
  • Who are some people that you could honor this week and how could you encourage them specifically? At school? At work? At church? At home? In class? In your contacts? On the worship team? In your family?


Father, help me to love others as you have loved me. Help me to be authentic, devoted like family, and to choose good. Give me your eyes to recognize the good in others. Fill me with the boldness to speak up and tell those persons, to point out the good that you have placed in them. Let me build them up and help them recognize the image of yourself that you have placed in them. God, help me to devote space in my heart to relationships, to be diligent, intentional, and committed to loving others well. I praise you for the love you have shown me. Help me to show that same love you others. Amen.

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