Mike O’Brien: 3 Tips for Music Stands


Alright folks!

Today’s post is SO crucial for those of us leading from the various stages of Maryville and Springbrook worship.

In his video “3 Music Stand Tips For Worship Teams”, Mike O’Brien gives incredibly practical advice that has deeply spiritual implications for how we make ourselves accessible to our church family.

Click here to watch the video and read the short article.


Each one of us on the worship team will be at a different stage in this process,  BUT I believe our goal is to intentionally take forward steps.  Whether your eyes are glued to your charts for every minute of our worship set, you’re ready to lower the stand for occasional reference, or you’re close to ditching a stand altogether, working for progress matters.  We want to engage with our people and with the Spirit in the room, and the less we’re staring at charts the better.

Love you guys, let’s work on this together to remove walls between us and the family.


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