New Song: All Things Rise


He is Risen!  It’s Easter week, everybody!  We hope your hearts are filled with joy and delight in the Living God’s presence today.

We’ve been singing an absolutely brilliant worship tune for the last few weeks called “All Things Rise.”  Written by Sam Yoder of the Campbellsville Vineyard church, this song is full-to-overflowing with hope.  The lyrics call us to remember what Christ has done in victory and speak to our dependance on Christ to bring restoration.  Read these words from the final chorus of the tune and pray them over our town, families, and church.

“All things once sown in weakness, You raise in promise. Your beauty arches above it all.”

As Easter approaches, praise the Lord for resurrection life, pray for renewal in the brokenness around us, and listen to this fantastic song from our neighbors.  He is Risen!

Chord chart available in Planning Center.

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