Two Great Articles from Dan Wilt


Happy Wednesday, everyone!

For this week’s devotional meditation, we offer two recent posts from our friend, Dan Wilt.  Take some time to read and reflect on these insightful teachings today.

In the first article, Dan talks about the daily prayer exercise called The Daily Examen.

“The Daily Examen is a portable liturgy, a reorienting rhythm… It is renewing in times of rest, stabilizing in times of crisis, and focusing in times of ministry.”

Read here to learn about this beautifully simple model of prayer.

The second post we want to draw your attention to is a really educational reflection on whether we, as worship leaders, “bring” the Spirit into places of worship.  This is an important topic of reflection as we seek to communicate clear truths to ourselves, our teams, and our congregations during worship gatherings.

Please read that article here.

Dan is a great friend to our church family, worship leader, writer, and pastor.  Please consider checking out all of his wonderful material at

Have a wonderful rest of your week, remember God’s faithful goodness and turn your hearts and minds towards him!

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