2015 By the Numbers


Here are some stats from our year as a worship community… This reflects Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings, Vineyard Youth, Springbrook Venue, La Viña, and a few special services.


  • 266 total worship services
  • 158 rehearsals
  • 10 services & counting for the new Springbrook venue
  • 762 hours in rehearsals and services


  • 72 musicians & technicians served
  • 27 people led our church in a song
  • 25 people led worship behind-the-scenes in the sound booth
  • 4,975 man-hours in rehearsals and services


  • 108 total songs sung
  • 21 from the Vineyard tribe
  • 6 homegrown originals
  • 18 hymns
  • 38 modern worship songs
  • 7 Christmas carols
  • 3 La Viña songs with no English translation
  • 15 songs used only for Vineyard Youth

To everyone who helped facilitate the worship gatherings for our church family: THANK YOU!

God is leading us and forming us into a community where artists thrive while helping people experience God’s presence. I’m so excited to share that with more people in more places in 2016!

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