Owning The Music


Happy Friday, everybody!

I hope this weekend finds you safe and as warm as possible. Pray for everyone’s safety and protection as the snowpocalypse draws nigh.

This week’s resource post comes to us in a truly insightful, practical article titled, “Owning The Music” by Will Doggett. Will Doggett is the Director of Training and Development at Multitracks.com and is an Ableton Live Certified Trainer. He has a passion for training Worship Leaders how to use technology as a tool for leading worship. He brings a unique perspective to worship leading and technology having served the Church as a Worship Leader, Music Director, and Creative Director.

In the post, which you can find and read here, Doggett gives really clear and easily applicable instruction to worship team members about how to “own the music” we sing each week. Whether you’re someone who chooses the tunes or if you’re serving another’s choices, check out what Will has to say about:

– Choosing songs with purpose
– Making each song personal
– Understanding writer and message intent
– Serving the song and congregation
– Preparation and excellence
– And more…

So dig into this teaching, lead with intention and compassion, and have a safe weekend everyone. We hope to see you on Sunday!

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