The Ministry of Private Worship by Spence Parkerson


To follow up last week’s resource post, Spence Parkerson (worship pastor at CrossPointe church in Valdosta, GA) gives a wonderful reflection on the power and importance of private worship. Check out this killer quote from the article:

“There is nothing on this earth so sweet, so fulfilling, so satisfying than His presence in the private because that is where our intentions are the most pure. We must seek after this place with everything that is within us. We must fight for this place as we continue to pour out. We must never forsake this place of private worship and intimate fellowship. This is place where our identity is clear and our motives are pure. This is the place where we are filled and ministered to. This is the place where He sings over us and tells us who He is and how much He loves us (Zeph. 3:17). So, if you are spending more time showing Him your shiny gifts and riches than you are worshiping and adoring His worth here are a couple of things that will hopefully lead you back to that place of private worship.”

Please take time before the end of this week to read the full post here. Thank you guys for all you do in our church family. Fight for the time in God’s presence. Make it a priority. We are only as effective in our public, congregational worship as we are diving deep in the arms of Christ.

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