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What’s up everybody! First off, I want to apologize that we didn’t make a resource post for you last week. That one’s on me (Grady). So to make it up to you, this week’s learning post is gonna be a smorgasbord of helpful links, articles, and resources for you. I’ll quote my favorite line or chunk from each piece below, but you should do yourself a favor and read any and all of these articles this weekend. There are some killer bites of wisdom to be found! Thank you for all you do as part of our church family, and for just being awesome (especially if you’re not a member of the Maryville Vineyard worship team but still like to read these things – you guys rock!)

Stewarding Ideas – Stephen Brewster
“We should never take our ideas for granted. Every idea comes with the responsibility to bringing that idea to life, share it with someone else, or save it for a more appropriate time.”
This quote is followed by one of the BEST lists I’ve ever seen of important reminders. Read here.

In-Ear Safety – Andy Swanson (of The Church Collective)
“It might seem counter-intuitive, but in-ear monitors (IEMS) are actually safer for your ears when used properly than earbuds or over the ear headphones. The reason for this comes down to air, or the lack thereof. How is this possible?”
Whether you love them or still wish we would ditch them, IEM’s are the bomb and protect you. Read how here.

Why Going Through The Motions Isn’t Such A Bad Thing – David Santistevan
“I’m super fickle. One day I can feel like reading my Bible and the next it’s the last thing I want to do. Having a daily ‘motion’ of Bible reading is healthy for me because I do it whether I feel like it or not. I go through the motions and I’m changed on the inside. We are shaped by our habits. We are what we repeatedly do (Thanks Aristotle, for that). If that is true, the motions we choose to go through are of utmost importance. They are shaping who we are.”
Wonderful post on discipline and remembering that it’s a GOOD thing. Seriously, read it all here.

The Fraction Principle: How To Make Beautiful Music By Playing Less
“In other words, if there are 7 people playing in the band, each band member only plays 1/7 of what they could play if they were on their own. If the sound adds up to 7 – i.e. everyone playing willy nilly what they would play if they were on their own, the music is dense, frenetic, and often downright stressful to listen to. When musicians are making space for one another, the music starts to breathe. And breathing space in the music… is beautiful.”
This principle is CRITICAL to what we do. Read further here.

And finally….

You Can Get Better – Stephen Brewster
“You have an opportunity. No matter what has happened in the past…you have the chance to get better today. Did last Sunday suck? Good. Make this Sunday better. Did your last presentation bomb? Awesome! Learn from it, adjust, refine, PRACTICE, and kill the next one.”
Never let mistakes or struggle cause you to quit or lose heart. Click here for to read the whole post.

I hope any and all of these posts are encouragements you’ll return back to. Bless you and have a great week!
– Grady Milligan

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