New Song: “Abba”


Happy October, Vineyard Church family!

We’re really stoked about this month’s new worship song, “Abba”

Written by Jonathan David & Melissa Helser, this tune helps us to speak one of the great wonders of our faith:  that God himself calls us his children!  We belong to him!  And not only do we belong, but we are surrounded by his presence in a way that is more real than the air in our lungs or the rocks we stand on.  God is near to his children.

Whether it’s for the first time or the 10,000th, we the church need to be reminded and to praise the Lord for the incredible gift of adoption into his family.  Who we used to be, all the names we labeled ourselves, they are all washed away and replaced by “Son” and “Daughter”.

So as we lift up worship to our Abba, our Father, let him speak to you about the transformation he has made in you and the new  robe and ring that he offers to all who come to him.

Chord charts available on Planning Center


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