New Song: “How Glorious You Are”


September is here, Vineyard fam!

This month’s new tune is really special to us, as the writers are some good friends from the local Vineyard region.  Mike O’Brien, AC Nelson, Dan Wilt & Lauren Kamal  bring us their song “How Glorious You Are”

One of the absolute best things about this worship jam is how focused it is on one thing:  tell Jesus how glorious he is!  All of the songs we sing give us words and prayers to lift to God, and some are very specific to certain struggles or situations (which we need).  And songs like “How Glorious You Are” serve the critical role of giving us the means to just say, “God you’re wonderful, God you’re salvation, God we’ll sing forever!”

Let this song lead us into focused times of unadulterated praise, thanksgiving, and exaltation.

Chord charts available on Planning Center


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