New Song: “Your Love is Greater”


LOVE>FEAR is one of our favorite recurring sermon series at the Vineyard. It’s based on 1 John 4:18, where we learn that “…perfect love expels all fear.” We’re about to dive back into it starting January 24, and our next new song is called “Your Love is Greater.” It’s a homegrown tune written specifically for this series.

I love songs that capture the reality of the “Already and Not Yet” of our lives. This song acknowledges the presence of fear, but serves as a reminder that God’s perfect love is greater than every fearful thing we face:

You come and tell me “Do not fear”
And even though I know you’re here
I’m still so afraid
But your love is greater

As we lead our church family in singing these lyrics, let’s ask ourselves what it would look like if we each live with this truth in view. Where would it lead us? How would it change our decision-making process?

The founder of the Vineyard movement, John Wimber, is famously quoted as saying,“Faith is spelled R-I-S-K.” When we experience God’s perfect love, we are marked by it. We no longer fear punishment. We assess risk differently. The bridge of the song leans into this:

In death, in dying I will risk it all
In shame, in darkness, I will risk it all
In hope, in healing, I will risk it all
In life, in glory, I will risk it all for your kingdom

May God draw near and let us experience his perfect love during this series. May he remind us of what’s true. And may God call us to new risks for his kingdom as we respond to him.

Check out the chart and demo of “Your Love is Greater” on Planning Center.

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