2016 By The Numbers


This has been quite a year! At this time last year, we were just beginning to understand what God meant when he said,

“Share everything.”

The Springbrook venue was just getting going, the Preteen ministry was about to kickoff, House Worship was still at a house, and Knoxville wasn’t even on the radar.

God has formed our little tribe of artists, and the Vineyard has become a safe place to connect with God and other creatives. One of the beautiful side effects is incredible worship services where people experience God. New ministries and multiple venues not only mean more of these services but also more opportunities for worship leaders to take risks and grow.

The numbers bear that out! These stats reflect the services of the Maryville venue, Springbrook venue, Knoxville venue, Vineyard Youth, Vineyard Preteen, House Worship, and a few special services we hosted in 2016. I also included the 2015 numbers when possible for comparison.


  • 414 total worship services (266 in 2015)
  • 197 Sunday services outside our building (10)
  • 245 rehearsals (158)
  • 1,125 hours in rehearsals and services (762)


  • 113 musicians & technicians served (72)
  • 36 people led our church in a song (27)
  • 43 led worship from the sound booth (25)
  • 6,978 man-hours in rehearsals and services (4,975)


  • 154 total songs sung in all environments (108)
  • 86 songs used for Sunday morning gatherings (93)
  • 30 songs from the Vineyard tribe (21)
  • 15 homegrown originals (6)
  • 19 hymns (18)
  • 10 Christmas carols (7)
  • 24 songs unique to Vineyard Youth or Preteen (15)
  • 23 songs incubated at House Worship (0)

Songwriting & Recording

  • 24 active songwriters (17)
  • 15 songwriting small group meetings Feb 16-May 24
  • 1 songwriters night at Vienna Coffeehouse on May 31
  • 3 attendees to Southeast Song Summit Sept 19-20
  • 9 songwriters attended our annual retreat Nov 4-5
  • 22 original worship songs finished
  • 2 original songs translated to Spanish
  • 9 recording sessions
  • 4 songs recorded


  • 15 attended training lunch with Dan Wilt on May 14
  • 2 students & 1 faculty attended Worship Leaders Bootcamp in Nashville June 14-17
  • 21 kids K-5th attended kids’ worship jam on July 7
  • 37 attended training with Mike O’Brien on July 16.
  • Guest worship leader Mike O’Brien on July 17
  • Provided 2 worship leaders & equipment for Vineyard Southeast Regional Conference July 18-21
  • Guest worship leader Sarah Pemberton on Aug 21
  • 17 attended youth worship circle & training on Oct 12

If you helped facilitate any part our worship gatherings in 2016: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

I’m so grateful to get to serve alongside you as we put God’s beauty on display and cover the hills of East Tennessee with the songs of heaven. Who knows where the sound will reach next?!?

Kids Worship Jam


Vineyard-Kids-Worship-JamOur first Kids Worship Jam was incredible! Seven members of our worship team spent a few hours teaching 20 kids from age five to 5th grade. We got to see them engage in worship as they stretched for new musical skill… I’m pretty sure the team got more out of it than the kids!

We spent the bulk of our time together working on the song “Holy Spirit” by Bryan & Katie Torwalt. Not only is this a favorite of our church, it’s also easy to play. There are only three chords, and in the key of D, they’re among the easiest chords to learn on guitar.

We only scratched the surface on Thursday, and we want the kids to continue, so we put together some resources to help them learn more. Download the PDF and check out the videos below:

Download PDF

“Holy Spirit” Piano Tutorial:

Guitar Tutorial For Key of D:

Other free resources to check out:

2015 By the Numbers


Here are some stats from our year as a worship community… This reflects Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings, Vineyard Youth, Springbrook Venue, La Viña, and a few special services.


  • 266 total worship services
  • 158 rehearsals
  • 10 services & counting for the new Springbrook venue
  • 762 hours in rehearsals and services


  • 72 musicians & technicians served
  • 27 people led our church in a song
  • 25 people led worship behind-the-scenes in the sound booth
  • 4,975 man-hours in rehearsals and services


  • 108 total songs sung
  • 21 from the Vineyard tribe
  • 6 homegrown originals
  • 18 hymns
  • 38 modern worship songs
  • 7 Christmas carols
  • 3 La Viña songs with no English translation
  • 15 songs used only for Vineyard Youth

To everyone who helped facilitate the worship gatherings for our church family: THANK YOU!

God is leading us and forming us into a community where artists thrive while helping people experience God’s presence. I’m so excited to share that with more people in more places in 2016!

Pray, Watch, Listen, & Remember


I was searching through the world of worship blogs this week, looking for something helpful from which to draw a helpful resource post, when I was struck by one line in particular:

“It’s not just about playing the drums, it about ushering in the presence of God with the gifts He has given you.”

Chuck, a drummer and worship leader from Lifepoint Church in Crestview, Florida and writer for Church Collective, penned that quote in an article titled “Four Tips For Drummers In Worship”.

Apart from just practicing and excelling at our musicianship and instrumentalism, Chuck encourages worship musicians to do four things:

& Remember

Whether you drum, sing, play guitar, or otherwise, I encourage you to read and reflect on each point, found here in Chuck’s post. Be blessed and thanks for seeking the Kingdom together through worship!

Worship Training: Singing In All The Registers


The human voice is an incredible work of God’s creation. With nothing but the air in our lungs and praise on our lips, we can make music to thank the Father for who He is and what He does.

Whether on a stage or in a pew, we have the joy and responsibility to lift up our hearts to the Lord. And I really believe that the voice of the Church, rising up in unity, is one of the most powerful doors the believer has to enter God’s presence.

For vocal leaders of worship, there is an added and humbling responsibility to use our body’s instrument to lead our family into times of praise. And while the most important part of that duty is to worship Jesus as sincerely as we can, it is imperative that we take the time to train our voices. We do this to honor the Lord and also to honor the community of believers we serve.

And one aspect of vocal musicianship that requires inspection, diligence, and training is the control and blending of our vocal registers. The ability to use both registers, the chest and head voice (or falsetto), promotes vocal health and opens up whole worlds of creativity, expression, and artistic freedom to the vocalist. This, in turn, gives more worship freedom to the congregation.

The article below, by Tim Carson, has some incredible insight for vocalists that might help to identify and deal with our vocal struggles. Take some time to read Carson’s helpful breakdown of the different registers and consider the practical exercises that identify with your needs. I think an honest examination of our singing limitations is the first step towards growth, as artists and worshippers.

Click here to read the article.

Blessings and peace to you!