New Song: “Longing”


Hey there, Vineyard family!  It’s time to introduce our June worship tune!

“Longing”, written by Vineyard worship leader Tim Brown, is filled with prayer after prayer for the presence of God.  The song leads us through some fantastic reminders of our crucial need to want God more and more.  We are transformed by the changing of our deepest longings, as the King becomes the desire of our hearts.  And so we pray these words from a verse and chorus of this beautiful song:

“You are worthy of my focus
You are worthy of my offering
You remain my one devotion
For You are good and faithful to redeem
As I stand in awe and reverence
You reveal to me Your true and perfect heart
So I draw into Your presence
For there’s nothing else that I could want
Lord I’m calling

All I want is more of You
All that I need is in Your presence
I’m longing, longing to be with You”

Both in corporate worship time together and in your private times of praise and prayer, we hope that “Longing” will become a helpful and life-giving part of your adoration vocabulary.

As God’s church, let us pray these words over and over:

“I’m after Your heart, seeking Your refuge
Take me where You are
All of my hope, all of my being
Belongs to You”

Listen to the song below:

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